Workshops 2016

Strategic Planning, The Role of OVCN: Gary MacDonald

This interactive workshop will provide several tools to assist in strategic planning, such as the Balanced Scorecard approach, SWOT Analysis and the Soar process. These tools will be applied to determine the role of the OVCN and give a framework for Volunteer Centres to use in their own future strategic planning.

Building the Case For Support: Jackie Jones

This session includes, ‘Identifying the Case’, ‘Top 10 Reasons to Give’, and ‘FAQs’. Attendees will learn how to create a central document, called The Case for Support, that clearly indicates the importance of your volunteer centre within your community, and indicates the need for support by local businesses. It is a useful tool that can be used in many ways crucial to the sustainability of funding.

Developing a Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy: Gary MacDonald

Using your Case For Support, Gary will talk us through soliciting potential donors through various fundraising methods such as Special Events, Direct Mail, Crowd Funding, Online Giving, Board Engagement, and Staffing

Securing Sustainable Funding: Jackie Jones

Jackie will explaining the importance of stewarding your new donors to ensure retention, and identifying potential growth of support from existing donors.

Q&A Session With Jackie and Gary

In this final session Jackie and Gary will host a group question and answer session. All attendees are encouraged to ask any questions that may benefit the entire group.

Unstructured Volunteer Centre’s Networking Session

​This is an opportunity for all Volunteer Centres staff, members and stakeholders to mingle, meet new friends, and build new relationships. Although this session is unstructured, Jackie Jones and Gary MacDonald will be available to answer questions/offer advice on an individual or small groups basis.

OVCN General Meeting – Steering Committee

Structured Volunteer Centre’s Networking: Successes, Challenges & Innovation – Sandeep Aujla

Success at work consistently depends on effective collaborations that in turn depend on meaningful relationships that symbiotically assist each other. In this interactive session, each participant will have an opportunity to meaningfully connect with a few significant connections that will help you build on your successes, take action to address your problems, and leverage innovations to gain competitive advantage.

OVCN Full PREB Update: Cody Palmer-Almond

Building a Successful Outreach Program: Tamara Malone

​An overview of the new age of personalized marketing, and the tools and trends to ensure the PREB-Ontario program is a success in your community. Learn how to understand the complexity of your volunteer base and the way to customize the messages and tactics for your outreach plans.